Our Team

As a Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual, I am committed to helping my clients whether they are concerned for their own financial needs or those of their family or business. I don't do it alone. Here you will find a listing of the people who help make it happen.

Together, we stand committed to providing the best customer service possible. If you have a problem or need assistance at any time, please let us know.

Jennifer M Davidson

Jennifer M Davidson

Director of Operations
Office 781-664-1214

Jenn began her career as an Associate Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual from 2006-2015.  She took a brief hiatus to work as a Registered Client Service Associate at Morgan Stanley, where she obtained her Series 7, 66 and 31 securities registrations, and joined Randy’s team as an Associate Wealth Management Advisor and Director of Operations in January 2018.  Jenn brings an eye for detail and a commitment to ensuring that the financial planning we do for our clients is both accurate and comprehensive.

Jenn specializes in building personalized financial plans and insurance analyses.  Her goal is to help you feel comfortable with your financial plan along with the recommendations we provide.

As an Associate Wealth Management Advisor, Jenn serves as the team’s Director of Operations and is dedicated to optimizing our clients’ customer service experience.  Her unfailing work ethic, level of care for our clients, and unmatched attention to detail make Jenn a highly respected and valued member of our firm.  Jenn oversees the workflow for the team to make sure all aspects of the client experience are efficient and engaging, in addition to preparing a wide array of financial plans and insurance proposals.  With a strong background in policyowner service, Jenn can either assist or direct new and existing clients to a team member that would be happy to help answer any of their questions, including but not limited to:

  • Scheduling.
  • Underwriting.
  • Investment Operations.
  • In-Force Policy Owner Service.
  • Any other aspects of client services.

How can Jenn help you?

  • Create client-specific financial plans.
  • Builds and customizes comprehensive financial plans that suit client needs.
  • Run life, disability income, and long-term care insurance quotes.
  • Review your group benefits.
  • Guide clients through the application and medical exam process.
  • Guide clients through the entirety of the underwriting process.
  • Provide a deeper dive into underwriting and policy services.
  • Assist with service on existing accounts.

Current licenses: FINRA Series 7, 66, Massachusetts Life and Massachusetts Health

Jenn lives in Weymouth, MA with her husband and son, Aaron.  Aside from spending time with family and friends, Jenn enjoys kickboxing, kayaking, cooking and a good cup of coffee.

Drew Joseph Inglesi

Drew Joseph Inglesi

Associate Wealth Management Advisor
Office 781-664-1250
Mobile 774-291-6521

Drew joined Northwestern Mutual in 2018 and is a graduate of Colby-Sawyer College.  He is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, and brings a fresh perspective to your overall planning needs.  His daily focus includes but is not limited to:

  • Assisting clients with their insurance, investment, and planning needs.
  • Setting and rescheduling appointments.
  • Builds and customizes comprehensive financial plans that suit client needs.
  • Provides insurance quotes, and guides clients through illustrations.
  • Creates proposals to fill in gaps in existing plans.
  • Analyze current benefits and explain existing policies.

How can Drew help you?

  • Assist with rescheduling and setting appointments.
  • Conduct in-depth interviews to get to know clients’ needs and goals.
  • Provide insurance quotes and investment proposals as needed.
  • Craft custom-built financial plans to suit the unique needs of each individual.
  • Guide clients through the underwriting process.
  • Conduct periodic review meetings to ensure continued financial success.

Current licenses: Massachusetts Life and Health, FINRA Series 7, 63, and SIE.  

In his free time, Drew enjoys hanging out with his family – especially where there is a body of water involved.  He is also an avid Boston sports fan, so don’t be surprised when you see him at the next big game!

Jordan Hirsch

Jordan Hirsch, MBA

Investment Services Manager
Office 781-664-1246

Jordan graduated from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a bachelor’s degree in Management, Accounting and Finance and later received his MBA at Suffolk University - Sawyer Business School.  Jordan started working with Northwestern in July 2016 in Boston and joined Randy Hall’s team in December of 2018.

As the team’s Director of Investment Operations, Jordan focuses on the development of investment strategy, the implementation of asset allocation, and the integration of our clients’ portfolios within their overall financial plans.  Jordan thrives on the highly analytical work he does for our team, and with his engaging personality, he is a tremendous asset in client meetings, as well.

Jordan serves as the team’s leading financial planning analyst and is responsible for all aspects of investments – from opening, processing, reviewing, rebalancing, implementing, and the development of investment proposals – and is the resident go-to for investment-related questions.  His daily focus includes but is not limited to:

  • Managing the preparation of retirement income planning by analyzing and allocating investment portfolios.
  • Proposing the buying and selling of securities to re-balance client portfolios to their suitability and personal investment objectives.
  • Preparing investment proposals for prospective clients.
  • Performing statistical, cost and financial analysis in various reporting systems.

How can Jordan help you?

  • Customize investment solutions for your financial needs.
  • Trading and tax-efficient strategies.
  • Assist with servicing investment accounts.
  • Point of contact for investment account paperwork.
  • Conduct client rollover calls.
  • Create customized investment portfolios.
  • Help with trading your investment positions.
  • Give high level guidance on your equity positions, including company stock.
  • Analyze investment and retirement statements.
  • Help with rolling over and consolidating old retirement accounts.
  • Perform regular portfolio analysis, fund analysis and account rebalancing.
  • Assist with general questions related to markets and current affairs.
  • Answer questions related to client portfolio investment strategy and asset allocation.

Current licenses: FINRA Series 7, 63, 24, Massachusetts Life, Accident and Health Insurance.

Andrew Clay

Andrew Clay

Marketing Coordinator
Office 508-251-7200

Andrew joined the Northwestern Mutual family in the beginning of 2021. He graduated from Colby-Sawyer College with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications.

As Marketing Coordinator, Andrew is on the front lines - helping our operation continue to grow and develop while ensuring that all of your requirements are being met to the highest satisfaction. From organizing upcoming client appreciation events to scheduling your annual reviews, Andrew plays an integral role in our effort to better serve your needs.

His daily focus includes but is not limited to:

  • Marketing.
  • Scheduling.
  • Client outreach.
  • Managing our digital presence.
  • Event and logistics planning.

How can Andrew help you?

  • Marketing insights and implementation.
  • Setting and rescheduling appointments.
  • Enhancing brand awareness.
  • Client outreach.

Growing up in New Hampshire, this New England native enjoys spending time outdoors or sitting by a fire with his friends and family. In his off time, Andrew can most likely be found cheering on whichever Boston sports team happens to be playing that night.


Jason Charles Brennan

Financial Planning Assistant
Office 508-251-7200

Jason has several years Northwestern Mutual experience, but joined Randy’s team on a full-time basis in 2020.  We are very excited to have him on board.  He graduated from Mount Ida College in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

His daily focus includes but is not limited to:

  • Marketing.
  • Guide clients through the application and medical exam process.
  • Assist with service on existing accounts.
  • Specializing in helping to create Px and PPA plans.

How can Jason help you?

  • Assisting with paperwork and answering procedural questions.
  • Helping generate Px and PPA plans, tailored to fit each client’s unique goals and needs.
  • Assisting clients with customer service.

Some of his interests are that he loves sports, mainly hockey and football.  He just started practicing Brazilian Ju Jitsu and loves going to the beach and traveling.

Kady C Ray

Kady C Ray

Administrative Assistant
Office 781-431-4742

Kady serves as the team’s Administrative Assistant and is responsible for all new business processing for insurance.  She is extremely helpful, and she will be your guide throughout the entire underwriting process, from start to finish.  She can also help you with any changes you wish to make to your current policies and handle questions about your insurance billing and payments.  Her daily focus includes but is not limited to:

  • Underwriting.
  • Insurance-related billing assistance.
  • Implementing insurance policy changes.
  • Any other aspects of insurance client services for existing clients.

How can Kady help you?

  • Assist with service on existing accounts.
  • Guide clients through the application and medical exam process.
  • Guide clients through the entirety of the underwriting process.

In her spare time, Kady enjoys spending time with family, cooking, going to the beach in the summer, and relaxing with a glass of wine.


Christina Marie Hall

Administrative Assistant

Chrissy earned her bachelor’s degree from Keene State College and began her career with Northwestern Mutual in 2009 with the Northern New England Financial Group in New Hampshire as a financial representative.  A Massachusetts native, Chrissy joined forces with Randy and returned to the Bay State in 2010, serving as his marketing director.  After taking several years off to be a full-time stay-at-home mother, she came back in September 2019 to serve our practice as an administrative assistant.

As an Administrative Assistant, Chrissy helps to keep our operations smooth and efficient.  She makes sure that our team members have the support they need to best serve you, that your conversations with Randy are properly - and securely - documented, so that no stone is left unturned in your plan, and that communication with you every step of the way remains our highest priority.  Her daily focus includes, but is not limited to:

  • Underwriting.
  • Internal communications.
  • Managing the internal tracking of our clients with in-process business.
  • Multi-advisor collaboration.
  • Policy owner services.

How can Chrissy help you?

  • Assist with service on existing accounts.
  • Direct inquiries to appropriate team members.
  • Manage team follow-up activity/outreach.
  • Ensure that all advisors (when applicable) are current with most recent client communication.
  • Track pending accounts and policies through underwriting process.

Current licenses: Massachusetts Life, Accident and Health Insurance.

Chrissy and Randy have been married for ten years, and have five children, Kimberly, Robbie, Drew, Katie, and Jack.  They live in Bellingham, MA and enjoy spending their free time at the baseball and soccer fields watching their kids play.  Chrissy also enjoys running, hiking, and camping.

Sarah Jordan

Sarah Jordan

Office 781-664-1200
Eliza Kinnealey

Eliza Kinnealey

Office 781-664-1220
Monique S Bergeron

Monique S Bergeron

Chief Operating Officer
Office 508-251-7200

Monique joined the Northwestern Mutual family in 2021. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Monique brings twenty-eight plus years of progressive experience in overseeing business organizations.

As the team’s Chief Operating Officer, Monique is focused on the ability to lead our team with an achievable operational plan and committed to realize the future goals of the company.

Her daily focus includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensure effective communication exists throughout the team
  • Have direct oversight of staff for ongoing and established operations
  • Support staff through an organization-wide role by ensuring performance reviews
  • Develop employees and remove obstacles and barriers
  • Optimize the day-to-day management of operations
  • Lead, manage, and hold the leadership team accountable, integrating efforts to achieve quarterly and annual goals
  • Contribute to the development of strategic goals
  • Ensure the leadership team is healthy, functional, cohesive, and resolves issues effectively
  • Manage accounting/finance including payroll, human resources, and Profit & Loss

Monique has lived in northern Rhode Island for fifty plus years. Monique has been happily married to Marc for thirty-years and has two adult children, Jon and Gabrielle. Monique enjoys reading, knitting, camping and being at her happy place: Charlestown Breachway.

Casey Conroy

Casey Conroy

Operations Assistant
Office 781-237-7070
William Alfred Haggard

William Alfred Haggard

Investment Operations Support
Office 781-237-7070

Randall E Hall, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP®, WMCP®

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